General objective:

The program seek to Promoting Peace-building and reconciliation through youth volunteerism in Kirkuk

This shall be apparent through:

Formation of Peace Ambassadors group, where 30 young persons aged from 18 to 34 will be selected to take part to the project. They will be selected to fairly represent the diverse ethnicities and communities living in Kirkuk. A criteria of selection will be designed by the selection committee which would consist of; youth volunteers should originating from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, diverse ethnicities and community backgrounds, has a well reputation, willing to support the initiatives, willing to conduct peace change projects activities, who has previous experience in this regards, committed to participate in all project activities and beyond activities as a peace ambassadors to actively work in Kirkuk, which will be one of the sustainability of the project At least 30% of participants will be women. They will be formed as Peace Ambassadors group.