INSAN Iraqi Society for Relief and Development is running its programs through its office settled in Kirkuk. As part of its programs, INSAN Iraqi Society for Relief and Development is running one Community Centre " Sawa Centre for Community Actions " in Kirkuk which often offers a location to organize other activities and meetings. It is settled in the area of Rapareen. This center is rented by INSAN Iraqi Society for Relief and Development and premises are used only by the organization. It has become a popular and safe location where the communities " civil societies " can meet and take part to new activities. INSAN Iraqi Society for Relief and Development is conducting programs in the following fields:

  1. Community Development
    • Community Participation
    • Vocational Trainings
    • Income Generation
    • Human Rights and Peace Building Education
    • Violence against women awareness
  2. Civil Society Development
  3. Emergency Relief

Conflict Management and Peace Building, a horizontally integrated approach

Conflict in Iraq has developed since 2003. Community divides have been widening in diverse parts of the country, finding their roots in historical and political contexts. The growing conflict in the city of Kirkuk is of particular concern to INSAN. INSAN Iraqi Society for Relief and Development is dedicated to bridge the gaps between communities and tackle conflict through systematically integrating conflict management and peace building processes in its work. Diverse strategies are used to tackle conflict and build peace among communities:

- Building capacity to manage conflict, build peace and initiate change of NGOs, media and key individuals

- Building community cohesion through participatory community processes and good governance

- Creating an environment propitious to long term peace building through relieving immediate community sufferings

- Engaging communities in peaceful dialogue on conflicting issues

- Conducting peace education

INSAN recognizes that it is particularly important to work with two particular target groups which can act as active peacemakers:
  • Youth: the youth population is particularly known for passionately supporting their own beliefs and seeking to achieve a prosperous future for their own community. Using their energy and creativity, youth is a group that can cross many barriers to achieve their own goals
  • Women: Women are an essential component in rebuilding community cohesion. As bearers of life, they offer a special perspective and experience which can help overcome prevailing life-destroying methods used in conflicts. Women often prefer problem solving through open communication, honest discussions of differences and dialogue.