Peace Ambassadors Work in Iraq:

The Youth Peace Ambassadors group project promotes and supports the role of young people in peace-building social activities that contribute to living together in dignity and dialogue through a network of specifically trained young people who strengthen the presence and promote the values of co-existence in conflict-affected areas and diverse communities.


Participants have the chance - and are expected to - implement their learning into practice by initiating various activities in their community to support youth participation and contributing to peace-building processes.

Support is offered, in the form of peer groups and mentoring, to assist and contribute to the success of their learning and projects. In some cases, projects and initiatives may qualify for financial support through the programme of pilot projects of INSAN Iraqi Society.

Both the practice phase and the project phases are opportunities for participants to bring to their local realities what they have learnt during the residential seminars , community meetings , participatory rapid appraisal, trainings, through e-learning " social media tools " and as a result of mentoring and peer group work.

Peace ambassadors launches participatory rapid appraisal for community needs assessment and build vulnerable communities database in Kirkuk city to determine the urgent needs of diverse communities.

Peace ambassadors works in conflict zone areas seeking to decrease tensions and conflicts among diverse community backgrounds through conducting change projects via social activities.

Peace ambassadors seek to raise community awareness on good governance to decision making processes depending on a participatory approach and raise awareness of civil society on peace concepts, tolerance and reconciliation through social media tools.